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Meet The Band

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Isn't It Always? isn't just a band, it's an electrifying experience. They dominate Atlantic City's hottest nightlife, turning every stage they touch – MGM Borgata, Ocean Casino Resort, Caesars Entertainment, Hard Rock Casino, and beyond – into a pulsating dance floor.  The band performs cover music From the anthemic rock of My Chemical Romance to the infectious pop of Dua Lipa.

 Isn't It Always? seamlessly blends influences, creating a unique sonic landscape that'll leave you breathless.Their breakout single, "Dream Again," shot up the charts, peaking at #17 on national radio and amassing 29,000 streams, a testament to their undeniable appeal.

Now, they're back with a vengeance, unleashing their latest music video, "Damn Good." This adrenaline-fueled visual spectacle, crafted in collaboration with Hit Nation Empire, Showboat Hotel, Island Waterpark AC, ACx1 Studios, and Fire Start Productions, captures the band's raw energy and genre-defying sound.

Prepare to be captivated, surprised, and utterly entertained. Isn't It Always? is not just a show; it's a journey you won't soon forget.


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Venue Experience

Cover Song Examples

MGM Borgata AC

Caesar's Mountain Bar AC

Bally's Beach Bar AC

Harrah's Resort and Casino AC

Golden Nugget Casino 

The Ocean Casino Resort  AC

Showboat Hotel @ Bourbon Room

Golden Nugget AC

Hard Rock Casino AC

The Pier Atlantic City

Margaretville AC

The Anchor Rock Club

Land Shark Bar and Grille AC

420 expo/ New Jersey Convention Center

Jersey City Whiskey Festival

Hard Rock (Niagara Falls)

Xfinity Live Philadelphia 

Atlantic City Beer and Music Fest

Launch Music Conference (PA

Bar Anticipation

The Stone Pony

The Stanhope House

Stockton College


Jersey Shore Music Festival

Hammonton Food Truck Festival

Spicy Cantina

Nardi's Tavern

Cattle n Clover

The Ugly Mug 

The Bayview 

Little Water Distillery

Beach Comber

Spicy Cantina

St. Joseph's University

Croc Rock (PA)

North Star Bar (PA)

The Fire (PA)

The Shanty (VA)

American University (Washington D.C.)

and many more..

  1. In The Middle- Jimmy Eat World

  2. Flowers- Miley Cyrus

  3. Just Like Heaven- The Cure

  4. Sucker- The Jonas Brothers

  5. Chemical- Post Malone

  6. Circles- Post Malone

  7. Sun Flower- Post Malone

  8. My Own Worst Enemy- Lit

  9. Drive- Incubus

  10. In Too Deep-Sum 41

  11. Radio Active- Imaginary Dragons

  12. Ride- 21 Pilots

  13. Make Damn Sure- Taking Back Sunday

  14. I'm Not Okay- My Chemical Romance

  15. American idiot- Green Day

  16. Stay- Kid Laori & Justin Bieber

  17. Anthem- Good Charlotte

  18. Watermelon Sugar- Harry Styles

  19. Sugar we’re going down- Fall out Boy

  20. Beautiful Day- U2

  21. What I Got- Sublime

  22. Blinding Lights- The Weekend

  23. One Dance- Drake

  24. Don't Start Now- Dua Lipa

  25. Dirty Little Secret- All American Rejects

  26. Move Along- All American Rejects

  27. Smells Like teen Spirit- Nirvana

  28. Someday- The Stokes

  29. Blinding Lights- The WKND

  30. Ocean Avenue- Yellow Card

  31. High Hopes- Panic at the Disco

  32. Locked out of Heaven- Bruno Mars

  33. The Lazy Song- Bruno Mars

  34. Semi Charmed Life- Third Eye Blind

  35. Jumper- Third Eye Blind

  36. Damn it- Blink 182

  37. Feeling This- Blink 182

  38. All The Small Things- Blink 182

  39. The Kill- 30 Seconds To Mars

  40. 1985- Bowling For Soup

The Wonder Years

Man Overboard

Manchester Orchestra

Super Heaven

We Are Scientists



Bally hoo!

The Pietasters

The Sleeping

Closure in Moscow

And many more..

EPK dev.jpg

Devin Scheck

Vocals, Guitar, and Producer

Meet Devin Scheck, the dynamic force behind Isn't It Always? A D'Angelico-endorsed guitarist, Devin's musical journey started at age 11, igniting a passion that has since exploded into a multi-faceted career.

As the band's vocalist, guitarist, and producer, Devin's songwriting prowess shines through infectious melodies and heartfelt lyrics. His formal training at Charter Tech and Berklee College of Music, coupled with his innate talent, has culminated in chart-topping tracks that resonate with audiences worldwide.

When he's not commanding the stage, Devin's creative energy finds an outlet in Fire Start Productions, his film company known for its cutting-edge projects. Additionally, his expertise as an IATSE A/V tech ensures the seamless execution of major events in Atlantic City, further solidifying his reputation as an industry innovator.

Whether it's through music, film, or live events, Devin Scheck is a driving force, continuously pushing creative boundaries and leaving an indelible mark on the entertainment landscape.

Juliani Bonilla

Bass, and Vocals

From serving his country in the Navy Reserve to commanding the stage with his bass, Juliani's life is a melody of diverse experiences. A tech-savvy multi-instrumentalist, he fell in love with music when he was gifted his first bass and discovered the emotive sounds of Fall Out Boy.


Now, he weaves his virtuosity on bass, guitar, trumpet, violin, and more into a sonic tapestry that's both nostalgic and fresh. His deep-rooted love for Fall Out Boy is evident in his emotive playing, yet he seamlessly blends it with the infectious rhythms of ska, the vibrant energy of pop, and the improvisational spirit of jazz.


Offstage, Juliani's creative vision shines through Fire Start Productions, where he's shaping the digital landscape with captivating film and social media content.

Joey Dobbins


Joey Dobbins is a formally trained percussionist whose drumming is a masterclass in precision and power. A graduate of Charter Tech High School for the Performing Arts.


He brings a technical mastery to Isn't It Alway's sound, blending intricate rhythms with explosive fills. His love for emo and pop-punk infuses his playing with an emotional depth that resonates with fans worldwide.

He has a major influence from pop punk, emo, and hardcore music ranging from 2000's to modern. He has been drumming since the age of ten and is an SJC and Soul Tone Cymbal endorsed drummer. 

The best thing about Joey's playing style is his versatility and ability to adapt to the room. His skill transcends to all genres across the board. 

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